Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saturday (8/29/09) Dinner at Mere G and Granddaddy's house...Ribs oh my!!!!

Mere feeding Swayze..
Our other sibling...Charlie
Grandma and Aunt Rachel
Grandpa, Rachie, and Grandma
I am so tired Mom....
Look at those Pretty eyes....
Mere G and Swayze
Grandma, Swayze, and Zena

More pictures of Swayze and our departure from the hospital!

Mommy and Daddy going home sweet home with our baby girl!!!!!

So many Friends and Family came to visit our baby girl....

Mommy and Daddy pressing the lullaby button at the hospital in labor in delivery before going upstairs to postpartum.

More Pictures of Swayze's arrival into the world.

Mere G is so Happy holding her grand baby!
    Kit is also a proud granddaddy!                                         The group that suck around till 4:30am in the morning!
Precious Baby girl all snuggled up!
Uncle Josh and his Niece, Miss Swayze!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Swayze Marie Suber's Arrival

Here she is....Swayze is everything we imagined she would be.

Happy Grandma and Mommy with the prettiest little girl ever!

Mommy and her precious little girl!

Happy Daddy with his little girl!

Our Happy little family, minus Charlie!

At the Hospital 8/26/09 with Swayze on her way....

Mere G getting excited for the arrival of Swayze Marie..... Grandma traveled from Destin to be there for the birth of Swayze...

Soon to be Mommy and Daddy hanging out....

The arrival at the TMH, Women's Pavillion on 8/26/09 at 7:30am.

Last Picture of Mommy as a preggo....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family and Great Friends

My Savor and grace of God, other preggo Buddy...
She had a boy on 7/22/09 and I am still awaiting baby Swazye on 8/30/09.....
Kirsten, Me, Tiffy, and Brandi...
All of the Wonderful Guests......Thank you all so Much, you made this shower PERFECT!!!
Me, my sister Rachel, Grandma, and soon to be grandma...